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Children’s Podiatrist Melbourne

At My Podiatrist, we specialise in the growth and development of children’s feet and provide a full range of paediatric podiatry services (children’s feet podiatry). We recognise the importance of catering to the individual needs and characteristics of young children and teens. Children can begin walking anywhere between 8-18 months, so it is important to have them professionally assessed if you notice they are experiencing any issues or suspect there may be a problem.

When Do Children Need A Podiatrist?

Some of the most common signs there may be an issue with your child’s lower limb development include:
If your child is experiencing issues that resemble any of the above, you should seek children’s foot care from an experienced Podiatrist. As your children’s feet and lower limbs are still developing, it is always best to seek podiatric support early to prevent problems from worsening and ensure they are healthy.

Other Common Children’s Issues We Can Help With

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Contact our team to book your child in for an assessment and gait scan analysis to treat and prevent any problems while they are still young. Our children’s podiatrists are patient and experienced in working with families.

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    What age should a child see a podiatrist?

    From toddlers to teenagers, Children’s Podiatrists can treat kids of all ages at any stage of their development. In younger children, podiatric problems are sometimes easier to identify when toddlers are older and learning to walk (or facing difficulties with walking) but if you suspect any issues with your baby or young toddler’s lower limbs or feet, you can seek podiatric advice.

    Do you need a referral to see a children’s podiatrist in Melbourne?

    No, you do not need a referral to see a children’s podiatrist as a private patient. Some chronic podiatric conditions may be covered by Medicare, to see if the rebates may apply to you or your child’s circumstances, contact My Podiatrist or your GP for more information.

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