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Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound is used by podiatrists to treat soft tissue injuries in the lower limbs and feet. The gentle, quick and safe treatment aims to reduce pain, reduce inflammation or scarring and promote tissue healing for a quicker recovery time. Podiatry ultrasound usually takes a series of short sessions for the best results, each session lasting only minutes.

Foot Ultrasound: What To Expect

Many patients find Ultrasound Therapy to be a relaxing experience. The process is similar to receiving a diagnostic ultrasound as it uses the same equipment. First, a gel is applied over the affected area. Then, your podiatrist will move a device called the ultrasound probe over the affected area in a massage-like motion. In doing so, the sound waves from the ultrasound are transmitted into the tissues. The treatment is generally painless with no discomfort.

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    Can ultrasound therapy be harmful?

    Therapeutic ultrasound has no known harmful effects when performed by a professional podiatrist. The therapy is safe and gentle, many patients find it to be relaxing.

    How much does a foot ultrasound cost?

    Foot ultrasound costs will depend on various factors such as the number of sessions required, and your private health insurance cover (if this applies to you).

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