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Diagnostic Services

My Podiatrist clinics have the facilities and equipment to provide podiatric diagnostic services in-clinic. This includes x-rays, ultrasounds and other diagnosis services in addition to consultation, treatment and ongoing foot care. 

We are proud to provide our patients with the comfort of having everything you need from diagnosis to treatment in the same place with the same podiatric clinicians.

Our In-Clinic Diagnostic Services and Treatments

Our full range of in-clinic diagnostic services and treatments includes the following and more:

Dancer/Ballet Assessments

My Podiatrist specialise in the specific podiatric needs of ballerinas and dancers. We offer pointe assessments and set specific programs to achieve certain goals like gain entry to VCAS, scholarships and work on any injuries or weaknesses.

Before going into pointe shoes it is essential that your podiatrist checks your feet. The My Podiatrist team is specially trained to assess the dancer’s strength, control, flexibility, balance and good background technique to prevent injuries and keep you dancing on your toes.

Pointe assessments include:

We go through a comprehensive and tailored care plan with each dancer, giving you a copy of the care plan for your dance teacher and anybody else who is involved in your dance assessments. The plan will outline what you will need to do, our goals for you and how we will meet your expectations.

It is best to get your pointe assessment done approximately 3 months before commencing classes so that we can fully prepare the dancer, provide strength and stretching exercises if required and prevent injuries.

Dancer/Ballet Assessments

Contact our team to book your consultation with a podiatrist today, or to arrange an assessment if yo uare a dancer. If you have any concerns about your feet, lower limbs, skin and toenails we can help you to safely diagnose and treat the issue early. We are here for you.

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    What can a podiatrist diagnose?

    Podiatrists can diagnose and treat a range of conditions including ingrown toenails, heel and arch pain, skin problems, Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, balance issues, sprains and more.

    What happens during a podiatry assessment?

    The podiatrist will visually examine your foot and lower leg to check your blood flow, sensation and strength levels. They will identify any area of concern and use diagnostic tools such as ultra-sound or x-rays if needed.

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