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TOG Pressure Plate Assessment

My Podiatrist’s in-clinic diagnostic services allow us to test, diagnose, evaluate and treat our patients all in the same place. If you require custom orthotics, our comprehensive service range includes TOG Pressure Plate Assessment so that we can order the best support equipment for your needs.

Foot Orthotics: What is TOG Gaitscan?

The TOG GaitScan™ is an industry-leading, computerised diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows our podiatrists to gain an in-depth analysis of the “gait cycle” (range of movement) of your foot. This information is then used in designing custom made orthotics products.

This modern technology provides podiatrists with a wealth of information about foot conditions that cannot be obtained through a manual examination. Using 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, the TOG GaitScan is effective in tracking even minor flaws in biomechanics.

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If you have problems in your feet and lower limbs that affect your ability to walk, stand and support yourself in daily life, a professional consultation with a podiatrist can help you on your path to getting the right supports. A foot and gait assessment is essential for your podiatrist to determine whether custom foot orthotics are suitable for you. To make an appointment, contact the friendly team at My Podiatrist today.

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    What does a pressure plate measure?

    Pressure plate analysis is an assessment used by podiatrists to measure the level of forces going through feet as they go about their activities like walking, running, lifting etc. This is achieved by the use of a sophisticated machine that produces clear graphic imaging of the pressure experienced by every part of the foot.

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