My Podiatrist

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Dr Elizabeth Kiriakidis
B.App.Sc (Podiatry)

Principal Podiatrist

Our founder and Principal Podiatrist – Dr Elizabeth Kiriakidis has been passionately working as a registered Podiatrist for 30 years. She is an active member of the Podiatry board for 9 years now and has always been striving to assist & improve patients’ lives in gait & support independence.

Her work matra is to reduce pain in lower limbs and feet & help her patients achieve their goals.

Dr Elizabeth is dedicated to treating patients from all walks of life with different conditions. The most satisfying part of her work is seeing patients achieve their goals ranging from the simplest of daily activities to complex, each equally translating into improving their lives.

Some of these include ballet dancers that have gone on to international dance companies, toddlers who were not walking or were toe-walking later being able to catch up with their developmental milestones with the help of serial casting, rehabilitation after serious work injuries or vehicle accidents. Recently, Dr Elizabeth has also been involved with complex medical cases within NDIS, helping participants achieve independence goals in their home & community.

Throughout her 30-year career span, she has seen custom orthotics evolve and change from traditional plaster casting systems to modern and much efficient 3D Digital imaging and 3D printing. As technology continues to evolve and enrich lives, Dr Elizabeth is committed to provide the most effective and efficient treatment to her patients, which is why at My Podiatrist we have embraced the state-of-the-art systems. Some of these include laser acupuncture, laser light for pain management, shock wave therapy for myofascial/heel pain, ultrasound therapy for acute sprains, pressure plate assessment/scans and custom-made AFO’s.

“I am passionate about my work and our ever-evolving 4 clinic locations are testaments to it. When my patients achieve milestones of their treatment goals, I then know that I am truly fulfilling my role as a Podiatrist in their lives” says Dr Elizabeth Kiriakidis.

Besides work, she is an avid fan of ice cream (all year round) and hot jam doughnuts in winter.