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Trauma & Post-Operative Care

At My Podiatrist, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality foot care services using the most advanced equipment and tailored care plans specific to your needs. This includes post-operative care and rehabilitation, as well as therapies and supportive equipment following an injury or trauma.

Our podiatrists are able to prescribe orthotics and/or supportive equipment and take you through the whole process, from assessment to fitting, all in the same clinic with the same professionals. 

We have four clinics located in Melbourne CBD, Coolaroo, South Morang and Mill Park. All our clinics are accessible for people with disabilities and we also provide mobile podiatry service for NDIS participants and patients in need. Contact our team to learn more about these services.

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    What is a post operative shoe?

    A post surgical shoe (post-op shoe) is a medical shoe used to protect the foot and toes following podiatric injury or surgery. It is usually work for a number of weeks depending on the surgery and may look like on oversized shoe with a flat, hard sole, fabric / mesh sides and adjustable straps.

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