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Sports Podiatrist Melbourne

Many sports and physical activity-related injuries are caused by overuse or repetitive strain of the feet or lower limb. The development of these injuries is often related to issues like sudden changes in sport or activity level, wearing inappropriate footwear, poor muscle flexibility or strength or your foot and ankle biomechanics. No matter your age or level of injury, our experienced podiatrists are here for you.

Sports injuries commonly treated by our Podiatrists:

Sports Podiatry Treatment: What To Expect

Our Melbourne based sports podiatrists provide assessment, treatment and advice for all types of sports-based injuries. We are experienced in working with clients of all ages, from children to seniors and promote using a compassionate and non-judgemental approach where your comfort always comes first.

Your initial session will involve a thorough assessment to determine your level of injury and best treatment plan to improve your condition and prevent further issues. Treatments used in sports podiatry can include:

Never delay seeing a sports podiatrist or health care professional following an injury. If you have hurt or strained your foot or ankle during sport, contact our reception for support.


How do I find a My Podiatrist Sports Podiatrist Near Me?

To see a list of all My Podiatrist clinic locations click here. Sports Podiatry is offered at our clinics in Melbourne CBD, north and north-east suburbs.

Sports Podiatry: Get Your Sports Injuries Treated

It’s important that sports injuries are treated as early as possible to prevent serious damage. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or any problems following a sports injury or accident, contact our friendly team today to book an appointment with one of our Sports Podiatrists.

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